Tamper-evident labels are special labels for security and sealing of your valuable products. Specially designed to keep your valuable items safe from Fraud, Theft, and Pilferage.

A special range of products is designed to make unauthorized access to protected objects easily detectable. Tamper-evident Security Labels are commonly used in all areas where it is vital to know that a product has not been altered or accessed since its origination.

The Labels show evidence when removed or opened. 

  • Destructible Labels: They break into tiny pieces if anyone tries to remove it. This kind security labels will self-destruct when tampered with.
  • Void Labels: They leave a text, pattern, or logo on packages and casings when the label is partially or fully removed, and they cannot be smoothed back down or repositioned undetected.
  • Cardboard tear Labels: These create a visible cardboard tear on tampered pharmaceutical packs

Overt, Covert and Forensic security features can be added to tamper-evident labels. These features include:

  • Taggants
  • Holograms
  • Color Shift Ink
  • Luminescent Ink
  • Thermochromic Ink
  • Serialized Codes
  • Coin Reactive Ink
  • Metachromic Ink
  • Invisible Codes (revealed with a lens or smart phone)
  • Micro Dots
  • Micro Text
  • DNA