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Supply Chain Management
In today’s multiple-SKU world, the supply-chain-management process for ordering pharmaceutical and medical device labels, cartons, and other printed materials can be challenging. Download the free Whitepaper to read more about CCL’s Supply Chain Planning system:
Need more space on your labels?
With this product CCL Label offers a fully colored 3-page label, that allows space for even challenging designs and colors on page 1, 2 and 3.
There are no limitations in design or color coverage – We are ready to be challenged…
The label can be supplied in even small quantities or batches with short delivery times and at attractive prices.
Contact your local CCL team for further information.

With 5 pages to share information, instead of just 1, there is suddenly plenty of space.
This new construction CCL Label offers a 5-page label, specially designed for round items.

The label only adheres to the surface of the primary packaging, which makes the handling for the end user a good experience.
Contact your local CCL team for further information.
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