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Ascending Temperature Indicators
CCL’s customized solution have been proven in numerous applications. When temperature matters, they’re used to monitor and protect pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, biologics, clinical trial materials and more. We offer tailored solutions designed to take away the risks of temperature excursions.

Our ascending temperature indicators utilize irreversible colour change technology when exposed to temperatures above safe levels. By using the melting points of various chemical compounds, CCL’s labels with temperature indicators verify that safe temperature has been maintained throughout the entire supply chain. This product can be adhered to most any container or package or it can be built into an existing primary or secondary pressure sensitive label.

If you would like to know more about our temperature indicators, please
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2-Ply OTC Labels

2-Ply Labels are commonly used as part of a product’s primary packaging and ideal for uniquely shaped bottles or limited labeling areas. This label is an excellent solution for products that require few pages of information.
  • Resealable, multi-ply construction with low profile design
  • Extra space for creative designs and additional information without altering the look of the product
  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Suitable for various packaging types: flat, curved, soft tube, and cylindrical surfaces
If you would like more information on 2-Ply Labels, please contact us.

Fascia Graphics

CCL Industries has entered into a binding agreement to acquire UK-based Fascia Graphics, a producer of graphic overlays, membrane switch control panels and nameplates for large European OEM customers in the electronics and durables sector.

The new business will trade as CCL Design on close and bring expertise in printed electronics to CCL’s product lines.
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