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Rigid Reclose Labels
Reseal labels for wet wipes and other flexible packaging offer convenience to the last removal. Thanks to the unique selection of adhesives, the tubular bags can be easily opened and reliably closed again. The content is protected throughout its life; dry wet wipes will not dry out and maintain their nourishing effect until the end.
Depending on the needs, the reclosure labels are single-ply, two-ply, flexible and equipped with a glue-free handle that can be easily lifted.
As a replacement for flip top caps, CCL Label developed a relatively hard, rigid variant, which can be processed on normal production lines; The Rigid Reclose Labels for flexible packaging. These labels remain open at a 90 ° angle and can be opened and reclosed with one hand only.
  1. Rigid and stable lid
  2. Functionality guaranteed for 250+ openings
  3. No tearing off the lid
For a video demonstration on these labels, please click here. For more info on the Rigid Reclose Labels, send a mail to Anuschka van Oss.
Patient Dosage Label

The Patient Dosage Label is a single label with two layers. The dual-ply construction allows a user to rotate most of the exterior ply, which includes a clear or open window so that as it's rotated, copy on the stationary base ply is revealed.

Accurate Dosing By Weight
  • Pediatricians agree that for effective treatment, weight, not age, determines accurate dose
  • Simply turn the label to take the guesswork out of dosing
  • Turn the label and match the child’s weight to find the proper dose
  • Exclusive Patented Weight Based Dosing Rotating Label
  • Add your own private label brand
For more information on the Patient Dosage Label, contact Jack van der Hoeven.
Easy tray
For fast and economic packaging of folded leaflets
In many cases folded leaflets have to be put manually into the feeder on the packaging line; this is a labor-intensive activity.
As a solution, CCL label has developed an “Easy Tray”. Leaflets (Insert, outserts or booklets) will be packed by CCL Label into the “Easy Trays”. The trays can be inserted directly into the tray holder, fast and simple. Thus without manual refilling of the leaflets into the feeder.  The tray holder is designed  to reach a filling height of up to 900 mm.The trays can be used on all standard automatic feeding systems for inserts, outserts and booklets.
If you would like to have more information about the “Easy Tray” send an email to Matthias Schneider.
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