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Customer based packaging

One of our customers asked if CCL could look into the packaging of their label rolls. We usually pack the label rolls in cardboard boxes. It appeared that this was not convenient for the logistical system of the customer. As soon as the boxed rolls arrived, our customer had to take the rolls out of the boxes and they threw away the boxes. This was both time-consuming and not friendly for the environment.
Together with our customer, we came to a solution. We bought pallets with loose partitions and pack the rolls only in a plastic seal bag. We stack the rolls in the pallet divided by sheets of non-skid paper.
The success of this change lays in savings on supply chain costs and, as the pallet and partitions are returned for multi-use, the system becomes more environmentally friendly.
For more information contact your CCL local Sales Manager.
Tamper Evident Carton Destruct Label:
With a Tamper Evident Solution, it ensures a last level of defense  for the consumers by indicating if the package or bottle has been tampered with or opened.
When you try to peel off a destruct label from the carton or bottle the label breaks apart.

CCL Healthcare offer a broad scope of security solutions for many different applications including overt and covert features for tamper evidence, anti-counterfeiting, track and trace, authentication, and process/quality control.

If you would like to know more about the Tamper Evident Carton Destruct Labels, please contact your local Sales Manager.
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